Rehabilitation Therapy

At Long Island Veterinary Specialists, we offer not only high quality, advanced medical and surgical care but we also offer a comprehensive, state of the art physical rehabilitation facility. The rehabilitation department works closely with the surgical staff to ensure that all the patient’s needs are met. Our primary goal is to return our patients to an optimal level of function as quickly as possible in a comfortable and compassionate environment.


Physical therapy is a long established practice that has become a crucial part of recovery after surgery. Whether it is for orthopedic or neurological conditions, physical therapy uses basic ancient concepts and advancing technologies to help those with physical impairments lead happy healthy lives. These concepts are now becoming more accepted and utilized in veterinary medicine.




Indications for rehabilitation include:

- Post fracture management

- Surgical/non-surgical Cruciate tears

- Patella Luxations

- Total Hip Replacement (THR)

- Elbow Dysplasia

- Femoral head ostectomy (FHO)

- Osteoarthritis

- Hip Dysplasia

- Intervertebral Disc Disease or rupture

- Non-surgical Intervertebral Disc Disease

- Fibrocartilaginous Embolism (FCE or stroke)

- Degenerative Myelopathy

- Lower Motor Neuron Disease

- Muscle Weakness

- Edema

- Sprains

- Muscle Spasms

- Soft tissue Trauma

- Weight loss

- Performance dogs (strengthening & conditioning)

- Swimmers disease



When it comes to services and patient care Long Island Veterinary Specialists is truly one of a kind. If you are interested in physical rehabilitation for one of your patients or companion animals, please call to schedule an appointment with our rehabilitation team at 516-501-1700.


Rehabilitation Services

In-patient Rehabilitation

Out-patient Rehabilitation

Home Exercise Program


Weight Loss Program



Orthopedic splinting










When its necessary to admit a pet to LIVS, our Specialists and staff work closely with your primary care veterinarian to assure that the pet receives the highest level of care. Our staff  will remain in touch with you throughout your pet's stay and be in constant contact with your family Vet to ensure a continuum of care.

To arrange admission please call 516 501-1700


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After Hours:  Should a problem arise after normal business hours, all departments are covered by the Animal Emergency and Critical Care Center at Long Island Veterinary Specialists. It is always best to call in advance when possible, however, if problems arise, do not hesitate to bring your pet in immediately. This facility is staffed 24-hours by veterinarians and technicians ready to assist you and your pet.