LIVS celebrates Tibetan New Year

Some LIVS family members recently attended  a March New Year’s party hosted by our Dr. Dhagyalpo Punel, a native of Nepal.  He was instrumental in getting together a large group representing the Gyalsumdo Sewa Sanstha, of which he is currently President, to participate in the celebration of Lhosar, the Tibetan New Year 2139, the year of the Dragon.  LIVS very own Dr. Stefanacci attended donning native garb.  Among the evening’s highlights, our chief of staff, Dr. Dominic Marino made a few comments on Dr. Punel’s long and fruitful history at LIVS, which was followed by Dr. Punel’s detailed talk on the achievements and goals of his organization, or at least that’s what he “said” he said – we can’t really know for sure since it was delivered in proper Nepalese!  We enjoyed novel, unique, intense spicy food and a great fun filled evening; we are eagerly anticipating the next one.

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