Our Mission

At Long Island Veterinary Specialists, everything we do is for the good of
animals and man, "Pro bono animalium hominumque" 

Our mission is to provide the highest level of professional and compassionate
veterinary care for patients and their owners while fostering a culture of
collaboration, respect & excellence at our Hospital.

Our Philosophy:

At Long Island Veterinary Specialists, our philosophy has always been to provide pet owners and our referring veterinarians true peace of mind, the highest quality care by a dedicated and highly skilled team of professionals.

Peace of Mind

At Long Island Veterinary Specialists, the well-being of your pet is the primary concern of all members of the hospital. Our team of trained professionals has worked together for years providing skilled veterinary specialist care to our patients and peace of mind to their owners. We are dedicated to shortening the recovery time for your pet while offering the best opportunity for a return to full function.

We will make your loved pets as comfortable as possible during their stay and provide you with information and service that will reduce unnecessary anxiety concerning your pet’s condition. Reinforcing the bond between the pet owner, the family veterinarian, and the veterinary specialist is fundamental to our practice.

Quality Care

The facilities at Long Island Veterinary Specialists are highly advanced and comparable to equipment found in human medical centers delivering the same high-level care. It is our goal to be at the frontier of veterinary specialist care by employing the latest developments in both human and veterinary medicine, so we can offer the best treatments available for your pet. Patients are kept in comfortable, specially designed hospital wards and are cared for by our 24-hour support staff. Frequent consultations with the leaders in both veterinary and human medicine ensure the very best care is offered to our patients every day.



Team Work

Members of Long Island Veterinary Specialists work in full cooperation with your pet’s family veterinarian. Your skilled family veterinarian recognizes that sometimes it is necessary to utilize the advanced services available at our hospital. Our specialists will work closely with your family veterinarian, sharing information as part of a team of professionals to provide optimal care for your pet. Please note that we do not perform any routine health procedures nor do we stock any vaccines. These essential services are best provided by your family veterinarian during your pet’s annual health care visits.

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After Hours:  Should a problem arise after normal business hours, all departments are covered by the Animal Emergency and Critical Care Center at Long Island Veterinary Specialists. It is always best to call in advance when possible, however, if problems arise, do not hesitate to bring your pet in immediately. This facility is staffed 24-hours by veterinarians and technicians ready to assist you and your pet.