Pets treated at LIVS must be referred by your family veterinarian for specialist care. Pets will only be treated for the condition for which they are referred. Routine procedures and general health care (i.e. vaccinations, prophylactic heartworm testing) are services best performed by your family veterinarian and therefore, are not performed at LIVS.

In an emergency or when your family veterinarian is not available after hours, LIVS veterinarians are available 24 hours for emergency care.

Your family veterinarian will be contacted by telephone within 24 hours of a consultation or the performance of any procedure on your pet. Additionally, a written report will be sent to your family veterinarian within 48 hours.

Fee Policy
An itemized estimate of costs for specialists care is provided to owners prior to pets being admitted to the hospital. A deposit is required at the time of admission; payment of the balance is due at the time of discharge. Cash, Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express are acceptable forms of payment. Unfortunately, checks are no longer accepted.

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After Hours:  Should a problem arise after normal business hours, all departments are covered by the Animal Emergency and Critical Care Center at Long Island Veterinary Specialists. It is always best to call in advance when possible, however, if problems arise, do not hesitate to bring your pet in immediately. This facility is staffed 24-hours by veterinarians and technicians ready to assist you and your pet.