Dermatology Department

Dermatological problems are often extremely frustrating, requiring a unique combination of vigilant care and state-of-the-art technology.  At LIVS our principles of compassion and technology combine to bring you and your pet exceptional specialty care. We value the human-animal bond, and strive to enrich the lives of our clients and animal companions. Our goal is to provide you with individual attention while addressing your pet's medical needs. Skin disease is unfortunately common in dogs and cats and dealing with the various causative disorders can be very frustrating for pet owners and family veterinarians. The Dermatology Department at LIVS is dedicated to diagnosing and effectively treating all manner of skin disease in companion animals. Dr. Rada Panich is a skilled, talented and experienced Board Certified Veterinary Dermatologist. Her team consists of specially trained technicians that are experienced in assisting with complex dermatological cases.

There are hundreds of different skin diseases currently recognized in the dog and cat. Many of these diseases look very much alike, with only subtle differences in clinical picture and historical backgrounds. Our dermatologist, Dr. Panich, ACVD is trained to focus on these differences and pursue a direct and cost-effective diagnostic work-up.

Some of the skin disorders afflicting dogs and cats are the following:

  • • Allergic skin disease (atopy)
  • • Bacterial skin disease (pyoderma)
  • • Fungal skin disease
  • • Parasite-associated skin disease (fleas, mites)
  • • Metabolic skin disease (calcinosis cutis, hepatocutaneous syndrome)
  • • Neoplastic (cancer-associated) and paraneoplastic skin disease
  • • Traumatic skin disease (wounds, burns)
  • • Chronic and Severe skin and ear disease
  • • Immune-mediated and hormonal skin disease
  • • Nail and nail bed diseases
  • • Skin manifestations of internal disease


Why Do You Need a Specialist?

Within the past two decades, unprecedented advances in veterinary medicine have created the need for specialists.  Board certification in a specialty requires a doctorate in veterinary medicine and a 2 -3 year residency program in the area of specialty.  Following completion of the residency program, a rigorous board certification examination is taken.  After completion of these requirements, a veterinarian who has pursued specialization in dermatology becomes a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Dermatology. As specialists, we stay current on new research and treatments, and are often actively involved with the research.

Abnormalities of the skin often are reflective of underlying abnormalities of certain internal organs. Some abnormalities of the skin are due to trauma and may require corrective surgical (reconstructive) procedures. The Dermatology Department works closely with other specialists with in LIVS when necessary to address all the issues associated with a specific patient’s skin problems.




When its necessary to admit a pet to LIVS, our Specialists and staff work closely with your primary care veterinarian to assure that the pet receives the highest level of care. Our staff  will remain in touch with you throughout your pet's stay and be in constant contact with your family Vet to ensure a continuum of care.

To arrange admission please call 516 501-1700


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After Hours:  Should a problem arise after normal business hours, all departments are covered by the Animal Emergency and Critical Care Center at Long Island Veterinary Specialists. It is always best to call in advance when possible, however, if problems arise, do not hesitate to bring your pet in immediately. This facility is staffed 24-hours by veterinarians and technicians ready to assist you and your pet.