Neurology Department

The Neurology Department at Long Island Veterinary Specialists is staffed by a team of board-certified specialists (Neurology and Surgery), a neurology intern, general interns and technicians. In addition to the expertise in both medical and neurological conditions of dogs and cats provided by our staff, we offer highly advanced therapeutic equipment for elucidating and treating neurologic disorders. Our imaging equipment is state-of-the-art, with a 3.0 Tesla MRI magnet and a helical CT scanner. Our neurosurgical equipment is also top-notch, and includes a new stereotactic brain biopsy system.


Surgery Department

The surgery department at Long Island Veterinary Specialists is staffed by a team of specialty-trained doctors and technicians whose main goal is to provide the best possible outcome for your pet’s surgical problem. Our department not only has board-certified veterinary surgeons on staff to assist with the most daunting of surgically manageable disorders of dogs and cats, but our surgeons have years of experience and are nationally and internationally recognized as leaders in veterinary surgery. Our surgeons are not just adept at performing the latest surgical procedures; they also have developed some of these procedures.


Dermatology Department

Dermatological problems are often extremely frustrating, requiring a unique combination of vigilant care and state-of-the-art technology.  At LIVS our principles of compassion and technology combine to bring you and your pet exceptional specialty care. We value the human-animal bond, and strive to enrich the lives of our clients and animal companions. Our goal is to provide you with individual attention while addressing your pet's medical needs.


Emergency & Critical Care

The Animal Emergency and Critical Care Center (AECCC) at Long Island Veterinary Specialists is always open, providing 24-hour intensive care to pets in need. The emergency service is available for emergencies when your family veterinarian is closed (24 hours on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and Monday – Friday from 6:00 p.m. through 8:00 a.m.)


Internal Medicine Department

Internal Medicine (IM) for dogs and cats is a specific discipline that encompasses a wide variety of disorders. The expansion of knowledge and expertise within the realm of small animal internal medicine has been explosive over the last decade, and LIVS offers advanced diagnostics and care available within this broad discipline.


Oncology Department

The oncology department at Long Island Veterinary Specialists is dedicated to treating dogs and cats with all types of cancer. With recent advances in cancer diagnosis and treatment options, long-term control or “cure” of cancer in pets is often a reality. The diagnostic imaging modalities available to our cancer patients include conventional radiography, scintigraphy, thermography, ultrasonography, computed tomography (CT) and 3.0 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).


Ophthalmology Department

What is veterinary ophthalmology?

Animal eye care is all we do. Your family veterinarian has entrusted his/her cherished clients and their beloved pets to us in order to solve and hopefully resolve their pets’ ocular condition. The ophthalmology department at Long Island Veterinary Specialists uses advanced methods to diagnose and to treat eye conditions in all animal species.  Just like you going to your own ophthalmologist, we use the same examination techniques and equipment available at human hospitals.


Cardiology Department

What is veterinary cardiology?

As in humans, heart disease is commonly encountered in dogs and cats. At LIVS, we offer numerous cardiac diagnostic procedures as well as treatment options for a variety of cardiac diseases. We have state-of-the-art cardiac imaging capability, including color-flow Doppler ultrasonography, helical computed tomography (CT), digital radiography and fluoroscopy.


Radiology Department

The Radiology Department of Long Island Veterinary Specialists serves as a center of professional activity within the hospital. Many patients referred to Long Island Veterinary Specialists,require diagnostic imaging to arrive at a diagnosis; hence, the radiology department acts as a hub through which many of the clinicians pass each day while caring for their patients.  This common ground often results in interactive dialogue between specialists, which translates to better care for our patients and a shorter hospital stay.


Surgery/Neurology Department

The surgery department is staffed by a team of specially trained doctors and technicians who contribute to the care of every surgical patient as a team. Because patient rounds are conducted as a group, you may be speaking to any of the surgery department staff members during daily patient up-dates or after discharge.


Rehabilitation Therapy

At Long Island Veterinary Specialists, we offer not only high quality, advanced medical and surgical care but we also offer a comprehensive, state of the art physical rehabilitation facility. The rehabilitation department works closely with the surgical staff to ensure that all the patient’s needs are met. Our primary goal is to return our patients to an optimal level of function as quickly as possible in a comfortable and compassionate environment.


Behavior Basics

If your pet is showing signs of unacceptable behavior, serious aggression issues, or undesirable conduct, please don’t give up on him or her. LIVS offers our clients a Behavioral Medicine Department which is committed to helping you communicate with your pet in a more positive and productive way to manage behavioral issues.

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After Hours:  Should a problem arise after normal business hours, all departments are covered by the Animal Emergency and Critical Care Center at Long Island Veterinary Specialists. It is always best to call in advance when possible, however, if problems arise, do not hesitate to bring your pet in immediately. This facility is staffed 24-hours by veterinarians and technicians ready to assist you and your pet.