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Cervical Spondylomyopathy (CSM) Wobbler Syndrome

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In Plain View

Lo n g Is L and Ve ter I nary s p ec Ia LI s t s
NOVEMBER 2013 163 South Service road Plainview, new York 11803
VOluME 6, IssuE 11 Ph: 516-501-1700 fax: 516-501-1169

Updates on Canine Brain tUmors:
Inside This Issue
options to make the diagnosis (part 2)
Updates on Canine Brain
Tumors: Options to Make the Dominic J. Marino, DVM, DACVS, DACCT, CCRP
Diagnosis (Part 2) Chief of Staff
Long Island Veterinary Specialists
Dominic J. Marino, DVM, DACVS, DACCT, CCRP
1 Chief of Staff

A Note From the Editor primary brain tumors are relatively common
3 Leonard J. Marino, MD, FAAP in dogs and cats. Although a broad range of
primary tumor types occur in dogs, menin-
What Do You Do When You giomas and gliomas appear to occur most fre-
Need a Lot of Liver? (Part 2) quently. On the basis of signalment, history,
and the results of complete physical and neu-
Brian P. Grossbard, DVM, DACVS
10 Staff Surgeon rologic examinations, it is possible to localize
a problem to the brain and, in some cases, to
determine the approximate location.
Neutropenia (Part 1) Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis (CSF)
Joshua W. Tumulty, DVM, DACVIM (Figure 1)
12 Chairman, Dept of Internal Medicine Analysis of CSF is recommended as the results often CSF may be normal. Neoplastic cells may
may help to rule out infammatory diseases, be present in CSF, particularly when sedimen-
A Calendar of and may support a diagnosis of a brain tumor. tation techniques are used for analysis. Signs
15 Upcoming Events Increased CSF protein content and a normal to resulting from disease in a given location in the
increased CSF white blood cell count are con- nervous system will be similar regardless of
sidered typical of a brain neoplasm although the exact cause and in order to eliminate other
categories of disease, advanced
imaging is essential.

Computed Axial Tomography
Computed axial tomography (CT)
is based on tomography technol-
ogy developed in the early 1900s
by Italian radiologist Alessandro
Long Island Vallebrona which allowed for an
image of a single slice of the body
Veterinary specialists to be produced on radiographic

Veterinary Medicine on a Human Scale Figure 1 Cerebrospinal fuid harvest
from the cisterna magna.

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