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“...a new way to manage FELINE HYPERTHYROIDISM” A Calendar of
Upcoming Events
“Breakthrough nutrition”

“Transformative” topiC provider date Ce HoUrs deLivery sUBjeCt

“Safe & effective” Emergency Treatment and Procedures OnlineContinuingEd, LLC 10/15/12- Vet: 12.00 Non-Interactive On-Line
Provider Number: 726
Vet Tech: 12.00
Program Number : 10398
OnLineContinuingEd, LLC
“As easy as feeding” Diagnostic Parasitology 201-201 Provider Number: 726 5/1/12- Vet: 6.00 Non-Interactive On-Line
Program Number: 9651 4/30/14 Vet Tech: 6.00
OnLineContinuingEd, LLC
Antimicrobial Resistance in Veterinary Provider Number: 726 3/1/13- Vet: 10.00 Non-Interactive On-Line
Medicine 201 - 208 3/1/2015 Vet Tech: 10.00
Program Number: 11103
Clinical Internal Medicine Rounds Part I: VetVine 4/24/12- Vet: 3.00 Interactive Broadcast Satellite Non Scientifc/ Non Clinical
Pancreatitis, Part II: Diabetes Mellitus, Provider Number: 542 9/18/14 ONLINE Vet Tech: 3.00 or Web Conference Practice Management
Part III: Cushings Disease Non-Interactive On-Line
Strategic Hiring Setting Realistic Expecta- VetVine 11/16/11- Vet: 3.00 Interactive Broadcast Satellite Subject Matter Categories
tions to Ensure an Exceptional Match Provider Number: 542 1/11/14 ONLINE Vet Tech: 3.00 or Web Conference (with duration)
Mentoring for Success Non-Interactive On-Line
Interactive Broadcast Satellite
VetVine 1/10/12- Subject Matter Categories
Glaucoma or Web Conference
Provider Number: 542 1/12/14 (with duration)
Non-Interactive On-Line
Improves thyroid Small Animal Emergencies Part I: Respira- Vet: 3.00 Interactive Broadcast Satellite
health in 3 weeks tory Emergencies; Part II: Acute Abdomen; VetVine 3/22/12- Vet Tech: 3.00 or Web Conference Subject Matter Categories
(with duration)
Provider Number: 542
Part III: Sepsis / SIRS Non-Interactive On-Line
Surgery Series: What you Need to Know:
Limited iodine helps Degenerative Joint Disease, Partial ACL
normalize thyroid Tears, Patellar Luxation, The 5-Minute VetVine 11/5/12- Vet: 10.00 Interactive Broadcast Satellite
hormone (T ) Neuro Exam, Common Sense Approach to Provider Number: 542 11/5/14 Vet Tech: 10.00 or Web Conference
the Back Patient, 10 Steps to Excellent
Non-Interactive On-Line
Program Number: 10705
Wound Care, 10 Ways to Improve Patient
Care, Another 10
Clinically proven nutrition
to restore thyroid health
ContinUing edUCation onLine / emaiL date(s) LoCation
Clinical Advantage - Technician`s Workshop (16 CE hrs) 11/23-11/24/13 Baltimore, MD
Veterinary Assisting Module 3 - VSPN Course (4.5 CE hrs) 11/25-12/27/13 Online via
NEW Compassion Fatigue Series: Creating a Healthy Animal-Care
Workplace - VSPN Course (2 CE hrs) 11/27-12/14/13 Online via
Oral Surgery 1+2, Oral Pathology, and Radiology 3-Day Series (24 CE hrs) 12/6-12/8/13 Los Angeles, CA

Outpatient Medicine (15 CE hrs) 12/7-12/8/13 Athens, GA
Timely Topics in Internal Medicine, 15th Annual Conference (6 CE hrs) 12/8/13 N. Grafton, MA
Introduction to Personal Finance-Basic Strategies for Spending and 12/30/13-2/7/14 Online via
Budgeting (4 CE hrs)


ContinUing edUCation onLine / emaiL date(s) LoCation
Hilton Long Island
Canine Medicine Updates Including: Canine Infectious Respiratory
Clinical Nutrition to Improve 11/13/13 (Huntington)
Quality of Life ™ Disease and New Approaches to the Itchy Dog
(631) 756-1919
Holiday Inn Plainview
Surgery 12/15/13 (631) 756-1919
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