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A Note from

the Editor

The nation is being bombarded with news concerning the diffcult transition from
traditional health care plans we all grumbled about when we considered coverage
and costs, to the new Affordable Care Act with a cascade of problems concerning the
web site itself and new enrollees who cannot retain the plan they had before, as our
president promised they could.
Although our coasts have been spared destructive storms this season, so far, the Philippines have not been
so fortunate and much loss of life and property damage has already taken place. Our nation and our people, as
usual, have pledged to help.
On a beautiful fall Sunday in November, students, graduates and faculty attended a memorial service at
Suffolk County Community College for an esteemed teacher known to many in the veterinary community,
Professor Richard Telloni. A graduate of Rutgers and the Ohio State University, Dr. Telloni, an Ohioan by birth,
had an encyclopedic knowledge of animals and a penchant for refecting on past experiences with his famous
introductory comment of back in the day---. He was emotionally remembered by many who were his students,
colleagues and friends.
At LIVS, the director of the Ophthalmology department Dr. John Sapienza recently returned from the ACVO
annual conference in Puerto Rico at which Dr. Allison Cleymaet presented Diamond burr debridement as a
treatment for epithelial corneal degeneration in small animals co-authored by Drs. J. Sapienza and A.Beyer.
Also presented at the conference was a paper entitled Phacoemulsifcation and intraocular lens implantation
in 3 clinical rabbits, authored by Drs Elena Hernandez-Merino, JS Sapienza, R Busayawatanasood, AM Beyer,
and G DAversa.
A poster presentation at the conference by Drs. Anne Beyer and JS Sapienza was entitled Use of a bleb
diversion device for treatment of a gonioimplant associated cyst formation in a dog. In addition, a presentation
was made to the VOTS (Veterinary Ophthalmic Technician Society) by Dr. Sapienza, An in-depth presentation
on the practical aspects of glaucoma in all species. All the subject matter
emanating from LIVSs was regarded with much enthusiasm by the attendees.
Dr. Dominic Marino presented the summary of two research projects
using medical infra-red imaging in the diagnosis of intervertebral disk
disease and canine elbow dysplasia at the 2013 American College of
Veterinary Surgery symposium in San Antonio Texas. The data suggests
this technology will soon have a place in the routine work up of veterinary
patients at every general practice. The process requires no sedation, clipping
of hair, and is relatively easy to learn to generate good quality
images. I am proud of the LIVS team for working so hard on this
project and representing the best of our profession. Marino
was quoted to have said.
Dr. Curtis Dewey, a LIVS staff neurologist and associate
professor and section head of Neurology/Neurosurgery at
College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, is at LIVS
every other week for consultations.
LIVS remains open 24 hours daily as always and our
clinicians have extended their hours to better accommodate
your needs.
Again, we welcome your observations e-mailed to

Leonard J.Marino, MD, FAAP

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