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Pet Owners

Pet Owners

At LIVS, we strive to lead - not just in technological, surgical, and clinical advancements, but also in our specialized care for you and your pet. We know that our patients are the most important part of our practice, and our extraordinary medical care begins with world-class communication and service.

Whatever your pet’s medical challenge, the veterinary specialists and support personnel at LIVS will work with your primary care veterinarian as an integral part of your pets medical team, bringing advanced knowledge and access to state-of-the-art technology to your pet’s case in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

What is a Veterinary Specialist and why does my pet need one?

Veterinary specialists go through training that is very similar to specialists in human medicine. After graduating with their degree in veterinary medicine, specialists go on to spend an additional 3-4 years in an intensive program that includes; a focused internship and completion of a 2-3 year residency in an accredited program. During this training they must also conduct and publish independent research, and pass a very rigorous multi-day examination. If a veterinarian completes all these requirements, they become board-certified in their chosen discipline – the highest level of specialization awarded in veterinary medicine.

Here at LIVS, our commitment to quality doesn’t stop there. We diagnose and treat complex diseases and perform intricate surgeries every day; we research and pioneer innovations in therapies, procedures, and treatments so that others may benefit from our knowledge; and we stay current on all the very latest technologies, research, and advancements in the world of veterinary medicine.

For more information on the various veterinary specialties, visit the specialty college websites on our Resources page.