Thanksgiving Pet Safety in Plainview

The Safe & Unsafe Pet Food Guide

Thanksgiving is a time to share good food and good times with the ones we love. Our pets, of course, fall into that category, but unfortunately for them, many of the foods we enjoy are dangerous. To help keep you and your fur family safe and healthy this holiday, our 24/7 emergency animal hospital has come up with a Thanksgiving pet safety food guide so you can learn what is safe to share, and what isn’t.

Pet Safe Foods

All of the foods on this list can be shared in small quantities and only if they are unseasoned. Most of them need to be well-cooked as well, unless otherwise indicated. Furthermore, any meat you share with your pet should never include bones, skin, or fat pieces — lean cuts of meat, only!

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Unsafe Pet Foods

The following list includes foods that are toxic to cats and dogs. These foods should never be shares with your furry best friends. If your pet does eat any of the items on this list, please contact us at 516-501-1700. We have emergency veterinarians on staff 24/7 so help is never out of reach.  

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