When surgery is determined to be the most appropriate treatment for your pet’s condition, know that your pet will be in very good hands here at Long Island Veterinary Specialists.

Our board-certified veterinary surgeons are nationally and internationally recognized for their expertise. They not only have decades of experience, but also have contributed to developing some of the most advanced surgical procedures in veterinary medicine. At LIVS, we’ve invested in the same sophisticated equipment that you would find in a human hospital, ensuring that your pet benefits from today’s leading-edge technology and surgical techniques.

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Internationally-recognized experts

The Surgery department at LIVS

Our board-certified surgeons perform a wide range of procedures, including:

Interventional radiology uses advanced, minimally-invasive techniques such as catheters, stents, and other devices guided by fluoroscopy, ultrasound, CT, MRI, and endoscopy to access and treat specific parts of the body without surgery. 

Visit our dedicated Interventional Radiology page to learn more. 

Minimally-invasive surgery allows for less discomfort and quicker recovery times for your pet. MIS is performed through a few small incisions instead of one large incision.

Neurosurgery to evaluate, diagnose, and treat your pet’s symptoms of neurologic dysfunction, such as weakness, paralysis, back and neck pain, seizures, gait abnormalities, circling, and balance disorders. 

Oncologic surgery includes the surgical management of tumors and can encompass tumor removal, amputation, limb-sparing procedures, and reconstructive surgery.

Orthopedic surgery for a wide range of joint and bone surgeries. LIVS surgeons address ligament and tendon injuries, hip dysplasia, fracture repair, and congenital and developmental problems.

Soft-tissue procedures for gastrointestinal conditions, foreign body removals, hernias, urinary tract disorders, cardiac conditions, upper airway disease, lung disorders, ear disease, and more.

Hip dysplasia treatment options at Long Island Veterinary Specialists

Hip dysplasia is one of the most common orthopedic conditions seen in dogs. While this condition most commonly affects large and giant breeds, any size dog, and even cats, may be affected.

Hip dysplasia is the abnormal growth and development of the hip joint. In hip dysplasia cases, the joint does not fit together snugly, causing instability. As a result, the joint will partially subluxate or move in and out of the socket. This may cause cartilage damage and severe arthritis in dogs as early as one year of age.

The experienced surgery team at LIVS is equipped to identify, diagnose, and treat pets affected by hip dysplasia. 


Regenerative therapy for arthritis

LIVS surgeons also are on the leading edge in their use of regenerative therapy for treating chronic arthritis in pets. Regenerative therapy uses the pet’s own stem cells, which are capable of dividing and differentiating into a variety of cell types (such as cartilage, bone, or muscle). When injected into injured or degenerated joints, the cells allow healing and promote regeneration of injured tissues.

Regenerative therapy involves three key steps:

The veterinary surgeon collects a small fat sample from your pet during a short procedure and the sample is shipped overnight to the laboratory

The laboratory processes the fat sample to concentrate the cells, and the cells are shipped overnight back to LIVS

The veterinary surgeon injects the cells into your pet at the site of injury or degeneration

Synovetin OA®: New Treatment for Osteoarthritis in Dogs

Dogs get arthritis in their joints just like people. This condition is very common and known as canine osteoarthritis, or OA.

Long Island Veterinary Specialists is proud to be a participating hospital for a new treatment option to help provide pain relief and improve your dog’s activity.

Surgery Team

catherine a loughin

Catherine A. Loughin, DVM

Dip. ACVS, Dip. ACCT
Soft Tissue, Oncologic,
Orthopedic, Neurosurgery

domini j marino

Dominic J. Marino, DVM

Soft Tissue, Oncologic, Orthopedic, Neurosurgery, Physical Rehabilitation

robert waddell

Robert Waddell, DVM

Soft Tissue, Oncologic,
Orthopedic, Neurosurgery