Synovetin OA®

Synovetin OA® is a new therapy that can help restore your dog’s active life. One treatment can last up to one full year.

Understanding Osteoarthritis 

Dogs can get arthritis in their joints just like people. This condition is very common and is known as canine osteoarthritis, or OA. Approximately 1 in 4 adult dogs in the United States are diagnosed with osteoarthritis.

OA occurs when cartilage deteriorates, causing joint bones to rub up against each other during movement.

Dogs with OA often have difficulty with the following activities:
   • Going up and down stairs
   • Getting up after lying down
   • Walking on slick floors
   • Hopping in and out of vehicles
   • Jumping on and off furniture
   • Squatting to go to the bathroom

Left untreated, OA can be very painful and affect your pet’s quality of life. You may even start to see your pet exhibiting behavioral changes such as aggression due to the discomfort they are experiencing.

A New Treatment Option

Long Island Veterinary Specialists is proud to be a participating hospital for a new treatment option called Synovetin OA®.

This injection has been proven effective in the treatment of dogs with elbow OA.

Benefits include:
   • Improving a dog’s active lifestyle
   • Providing long-lasting pain relief
   • May help keep OA from getting worse

Synovetin OA® works by treating the disease at the source by targeting and deactivating the inflammation-producing cells for up to 12 months. Studies show a 92% success rate in dogs with mild and moderate elbow osteoarthritis. No significant side effects or safety issues have been reported.

Synovetin OA® treatments are administered by one of our board certified surgeons. Learn more about Dominic J. Marino, DVM, Dip. ACVS, Dip. ACCT, CCRP.

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