Corneal Lipidosis

What is corneal Lipidosis? Corneal lipidosis is an accumulation of fatty substances (usually cholesterol) within the layers of the cornea. What causes corneal lipidosis? There are three main causes of corneal lipidosis: corneal dystrophy, corneal degeneration, and elevated blood cholesterol levels.  Corneal dystrophy is an inherited, or genetic condition and is most commonly seen in … Continue reading Corneal Lipidosis

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Smoke Inhalation in Dogs

What is smoke inhalation? Smoke inhalation injuries can occur with exposure to smoke in large or small quantities. Fires produce a variety of damaging substances, each of which can affect a pet’s airways, lungs, and overall well-being. Factors that play a role in smoke inhalation include: • Carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless … Continue reading Smoke Inhalation in Dogs

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